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No booty pics? Lame.

I’m a lame-o

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Ever consider submitting anything to TheChive? Just curious.

No way


heretic composite bow.

12th Apr 201421:59
My baby, yoda
12th Apr 201421:59
My baby, yoda
12th Apr 201419:15
11th Apr 201408:23
Who doesn’t like a country man ;) this is Ryan my good army friend
11th Apr 201408:21
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I'm no one you know, pretty much a random person.


Anonymous asked:

I would like to tell you I give you a lot of credit for being a single mom. Also I'd like to say you're very pretty as well. On a side note I see you like Anthony Green and Pans Labyrinth so I may have just gained a huge crush on you.

I appreciate this a lot, thank you. And yes I do enjoy both those things :))))) who are you? I wanna know who my crush is


Dominican Republic Flag by Mihnea™ on Flickr.
6th Apr 201402:2591 notes
My Dominican friends
6th Apr 201401:53

You made this for me?

(via marvel-comic)

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I think it would be incredibly sexy to see you taking off your Army uniform. Next picture maybe? :)

I don’t have any pictures put up in my uniform ?


Amsterdam, The Netherlands | Nat Tim
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Opaque  by  andbamnan